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Active Minds

Active Minds is the only [national] organization working to utilize the student voice to change the conversation about mental health on college campuses by developing and supporting chapters of student-run mental health awareness, education and advocacy.

Amnesty International (AI)

Amnesty International at Connecticut College is dedicated to the investigation and promotion of the prevention of worldwide human rights violations.

Best Buddies: Connecticut College (Best Buddies)

Best Buddies International is the largest nonprofit organization established to promote friendships and employment for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. At Connecticut College we focus on awareness, fundraising, and friendship

Blackstone (Blkstn)

Blackstone is one of the oldest houses on campus. We are a small dorm in central campus with big hearts focused on wellness! We love our Conn Coll Community! Check out the floor plan:


Branford is, of course, the greatest house on campus. Everyone who isn't living in Branford this year, pretty much wishes they did! Too bad for them because we are the Awesomest!!! We are a house dedicated to activism and making a difference on campus.

Burdick House (Burdick)

Burdick is one of the central campus houses. It is connected to Smith House and the Smith dining hall. Check out the floor plan:

Cadenza Magazine

Like a cadenza in music, this art and literary magazine aims to provide students, faculty, and staff with an outlet in which to express their creative talents.

Caribbean Students Association (CSA)

The mission of this organization is to enhance the knowledge of Caribbean culture at Connecticut College and create a celebratory space to engage those of Caribbean decent and their allies.

CC Forest Justice (Forest Justice)

Forest Justice is a group on campus dedicated to pursuing forest activism, awareness and appreciation at Connecticut College and beyond. We were started in Spring 2008 and have been growing ever since!

Chinese Cultural Association (CCA)

The purpose of this organization shall be not only helping the chinese students solve their problems, but also helping all of the students on campus get to know the chinese culture and experience more cultural diversity at Connecticut College

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